Aegean Lps 200 Dressed To Impress

Posted By: Value Spas | Posted Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Age is just a number

The Aegean LPS range was the UK's best selling hot tub range for many many years following its launch in 2001.  As a specialist used hot tub retailer, we have first hand experience with almost every make and model of hot tub to have ever been sold in the UK and from a functional perspective the LPS range is unrivalled in its durability.

The shell construction of LPS spas was different to other manufacturers at the time using ABS backed acrylic rather than hand laminated fibreglass which prevents delamination even over the extremely long term plus the jets and fittings fit perfectly to the shell reducing leak potential.  Even the equipment was built to last with many of the LPS models that come into us needing just an inspection and a stamp of approval with our one year warranty before heading back out the door to a happy new home.

Whilst the construction of the LPS range was built for a lifetime, like us, the exterior of a hot tub exposed to the elements can show signs of age and wear.  Whether it be rotting or faded panels, a sun bleached cover or chemically affected pillows, there will undoubtedly be some aesthetic impact of a hot tub outdoors for 15+ years.  

A new polymer wrap around cabinet was launched this year which is proving to be the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for older LPS and other hot tub models.  Alongside our typical cover and headrest replacements coupled with full warranted servicing, a 15 year old LPS spa can look as good and perform as well as a much newer spa with original factory warranty.

Take a look at these images of a new wrap panel refurb on an Aegean LPS 200 we refurbished and delivered to a new home in Southampton to judge for yourself.

Aegean Lps 200 Dressed To Impress