The Benefits Of Buying An Approved Used Hot Tub.

Posted By: Value Spas | Posted Date: Monday, May 4, 2020

New versus used hot tubs

Like many customers, particularly in these locked down times, you may be researching the range of hot tubs available online.  It can be quite beweildering to see so many seemingly similar products at wildly different prices and unsure of how best to spend your available budget.

New hot tubs have obvious appeal with the ability to choose colours to match your home and garden scheme and select specific options such as WiFi control and sound systems.  There is also the comfort of buying new to ensure your hot tub is fully covered by a warranty and coming from a knowledgeable and reliable hot tub retailer.

As appealing as buying new can be, too many hot tub owners to be neglect to see what their budget will buy them on the used hot tub market.

The benefits of buying used

Used hot tubs come with big savings.  The average saving when buying a used spa from value spas is 63% below the original retail price.  What this means to you is typically a better built spa with greater features than a new spa for your equivalent budget.  

In a now mature hot tub market there is far better availability of used hot tubs available meaning you can still find a colour combination with all the features you desire without much trouble.  

Customers concerned about hygiene implications of a used hot tub can rest easy knowing that all Value Spas approved used hot tubs have been fully serviced and flushed with biofilm eliminator to deliver a hot tub with pipes often cleaner than out of factory water testing.  And to address any concerns about working order, all Value Spas hot tubs include a minimum 1 year electrical parts warranty which is comparable to the warranty of some lower cost new hot tubs.

As we all tend to increasingly consider recycling and the environmental impact of consumerism, it should be noted that at the time of writing, around 90% of a hot tub cannot be recycled and upon final disposal is likely destined for landfill.  Purchasing an approved used hot tub not only save you money but also has greener credentials than buying new!

What can you expect from a used hot tub

If you had a £4000 budget and seeking a new hot tub, you would typically find yourself looking at a small family hot tub with 1 pump manufactured in China.  There's certainly nothing wrong with many of these spas and indeed Value Spas have a great range available for those looking for this type of product but compare that specification to what the same budget would get you on the used hot tub market and it will give you pause for thought.  Check out the below Master Spas Twilight 8.3 that was sold within this example budget 62% below its original purchase price.  Supplied fully serviced with new cover & head rests along with a warranty we would argue the spa below looks pretty much as good as new and represents incredible value worthy of consideration in your search.


The Benefits Of Buying An Approved Used Hot Tub.