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Buyer Guide 

Let us help to choose the right spa for you 
This spa buyers guide will help you to choose the right spa for you. Deciding on which spa is the best one for you can be a daunting prospect. Let’s take a few moments to think about what has inspired you to buy your own spa. Let’s think about how you will use it, its size, who will you use it with and how it will look in your garden. 
You may already have chosen the perfect spot or there may be an unused area of your garden crying out to be put to better use. You can create a secluded private retreat for ultimate relaxation or enhance a social BBQ or patio area for shared family enjoyment. Portable spas can be installed either outdoors or indoors or if you prefer, perhaps in a gazebo, log cabin or conservatory. 
Choose a spa thats fit the usage 
The first thing we always ask all our customers looking for a spa, is what will it be used for. A spa has a wide variety of uses from hydrotherapy pain relief, de-stressing and socialising with friends and family. 
For pain relief, sports therapy or recovering from an injury, make sure you look for a spa which offers the best in hydrotherapy. Models such as the VS901 and VS906 are great for this. Each seat will feel like an aquatic massage, targeting different areas of the body. 
If you are looking for somewhere to get away from it all, perhaps even on your own to just relax, unwind and de-stress, then we would suggest a smaller spa model, such as the VS908 or VS909. Both, in addition, offer great hydrotherapy massage. 
Many people look for a spa to give them something to enjoy with friends and family. Whether it be somewhere you can get your family together and spend some quality time with them or a party spa for you to enjoy with friends. A great spa for this is the VS903. With no lounger, everyone will enjoy being at the same level to join in the conversation. With the added Bluetooth, pop up speakers and LED lights, this will really get the party in full swing. 
Choose the right size 
Choosing the right size of spa is very important. There are two important things to consider here. How many people will regularly use the spa? Many spas will accommodate 5 people, but if we compare it to motor vehicle. If you regularly have 5 people in your vehicle, you’d most likely choose a larger vehicle. This goes the same for a spa. Also, where are you thinking of positioning your spa? The actual area you are choice to put your new spa will, of course, dictate the size spa available to you. Don’t forget, you will need to allow room for the cover, and to be able to walk around it, both for cleaning and maintenance. 
Spa have moved on a long way since the days of simple bench seated hot tubs. Spas now offer many seating arrangements, but what does this all mean? 
1. All seater: This arrangement has every seat in an upright position – great for entertaining and socialising. 
2. Single lounger: This means 1 of the seats will be full length in a laying down position. This will allow you the ability to recline and receive the equivalent to a full body massage including your legs and feet. 
3. Dual lounger: This means means 2 of the seats will be full length in a lying down position. All the above benefits but for 2 people to share the pleasure together. 
All spas require a power supply to be able to heat the water and power the jets. The electrical supply required does vary from model to model. Generally, there are 2 different versions 
· 13-amp supply: Here the spa will just plug into a standard 3 pin socket 
· Dedicated supply: Here the spa will require a 20 or 32 amp electrical feed, direct from your consumer unit and installed by a qualified electrician. 
Spa interior 
Most spa are constructed using a moulded acrylic shell, available in a variety of colours and shapes. All our spas are available with a variety of seating positions and sizes. For comfort, headrests are fitted to all models. All our spas are fitted with advanced control systems which perform all the heating and water filtration control for the spa. They are all adjustable and can be set to suit your requirements 
The additional adjustment controllers, that are also fitted will allow you to control features like neck jets and waterfalls. In addition, you will be able to set the jet pressure to how you want it. 
Everyone talks about jets when it comes to spas. There are a huge variety of jets which all have different effects and uses. It is important that the location of jets are positioned to massage the correct areas of your body. Jets should deliver heat deep into the muscle area. They shouldn’t blast you out of your spa. 
Extremely important and the core of your spa is its function is to keep your spa water clean and safe. A good filtration system will help with this. But always remember your spa water should always be sanitized. 
Outside the spa 
As standard all our spas come with a resin PVC cabinet fitted as standard. This cabinet material is UV resistant and require no maintenance apart from a quick wipe over every now and again or rinse with your garden hose. 
Each spa is fitted with a sealed ABS base which prevents any moisture or cold from getting into the underside of the spa. In addition, the base is insulated for added heat loss prevention. 
Each spa is supplied with a with a thermal insulated cover for maximum heat retention and energy efficiency. 
How much does a spa cost to run? 
One of the most common questions asked is how much does a spa cost to run. There are several variables which will influence the costs of running a spa. These are external temperatures and usage. As a rule, an average sized spa with 2 hydro pumps, if used for an average of 6, 30-minute sessions, will on average cost around £5 per week in electricity. 
All our spas come as standard with a sealed base to prevent heat loss we also stress the importance of keeping the thermal cover on when not being used. An optional cover lifter will make this task effortless. 
Ordering your personal spa 
Once you have decided on the size and number of seats, you can order your spa on line and tailor it to suit your own style and personality. You can choose from a range of cabinet and shell colours and even speak to us about upgrading your spa control system to enable Wi-Fi remote use. 
Here at Value Spas, once you have placed an order, we will keep you regularly updated on the progress of your order. Many spas are held in stock so can be delivered in a few days from placing the order. 

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