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Product Specifications!
Specification Details


2.4 x 2.4 x 0.93m


7 (2 Loungers)

Weight / Water Capacity

500 Kilos / 1650 litres

Shell / Structure

Aristech / Steel Framed


32a / 240v


3 Kw

Our Reviews!
Mr Bronson
Value Spas have been servicing my hot tub for some years now & I cannot praise them highly enough. I decided to buy a new tub from them & they installed & removed the old one. Cold & wet most of the day, but did not stop or affect their efficiency & cheerfulness. (I was watching them from a warm house !) I recommend the company wholeheartedly.
Our Price: £6500.00
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7 Seats (2 Loungers) 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.93m 

This large model packs more than enough power for the 7 seats with its 180 hydrotherapy jets. Seating is designed to immerse the bather into a luxurious massage to ease the strains of the day. 


Hydrotherapy Jets: 180 
Control System: Gecko YE5 in. K506 
Circulation Pump: 1 x 1 HP 
Massage Pump: 1 x 3 HP & 2 x 2 HP 
Air Blower: 400 watts 
Lighting (7 Colour Changing): 1 Under Water & 32 Surface LED’s 
Waterfall: 1 LED Lit 
Fountains: 2 LED Lit 
Audio: Bluetooth & Pop Up Speakers 
Ozone Generator: 1 
Headrests: 4 




Our Spas are designed to last a life time and only the very best materials are used in the build, such as Aristech Acrylic, Gecko Control Panels and Bio-Lock Heat Retention.



Our spas have a multi filtering system designed to improve your water quality.  

Micro-fibre filters remove tiny particles to prevent cloudy water and an ozone generator produces ozone gas, that acts as a powerful oxidant helping to destroy bacteria and algae. 



Effective insulation is extremely important to keep running costs to a minimum.  
All of our Spas offer heat reflecting insulation that keeps the warm air inside and the cold air out, this is coupled with our energy efficient covers that will reflect the heat back into the water. 



Our spa control systems are made by the industry leaders, who are renowned for durability and reliability.  
Easy control functions with a simple touch panel, allow adjustments which include lights, jets, temperature etc. Or why not take control of your spa remotely by adding the WiFi In touch 2 and adjust your settings anywhere, any time. Contact us for further details about this.