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Product Description 

Patented 3-inch Power Flow Swim Jets 
Indulge in a truly professional quality swimming experience with the very best swim jets on the market. Featuring a revolutionary honeycomb design allowing for a more uniform water flow without any turbulence. 
Quickwater 10-Speed Inverter Pro Training System 
Unleash the experience of a five-star swimming pool. Unlike any other swim spa on the market, Our new inverter system allows us to use 3.5hp variable speed pumps and a 3” water jet pipe which can deliver up to 20,000 litres of water per minute. This results in saving up to a staggering 70% on electricity cost. Using this technology allows us to deliver a smoother flow of water without any white water waves, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional swim spa. 
Dream Time Lighting 
Create the perfect lighting for your mood. Oasis HEB models include fully customisable RGB LED lighting 
Premium Bluetooth Audio System Included 
Includes a premium bluetooth audio system, complete with under-shell transducer speakers and a high-power subwoofer. 

VSS Atlantis 4.4


Product specification 

VSS Atlantis 4.4 
4430 x 2350 x 1290 mm 
Swim Only 
Weight / Water Capacity: 
735kg / 5690 Litres 
32 Amp 
Water Care System: 
Filtration Pump 
x 0.5hp High Flow Filtration Pump 
Sanitiser System 
High-Efficiency Mixed Ozone Sterilisation 
Filtration System 
PureBlue 50sqft Filters x 2 
Insulation System 
5-Stage Platinum Lock Full Foam Insulation 
Quickwater Professional Swimminh Training System 
Swim Jets 
2 x 3" Turbo Swim Jets 
10 Speed Swimming 
High Performance Swim Pumps 
2 x 3.5hp 10-Speed Inverter Pumps + 1 x 3hp 
Swim Pole Base And Handrail 
Control System 
Control Pack 
Control Panel 
SPATECH TP10 Touchscreen 
RGB LED Waterlevel Lights 
RGB LED Large Underwater Light 
RGB LED Illuminated Lifting Fountains 
RGB LED Backlit Valves & Diverters 
Exercise Handrail 
Great for kids, less experienced swimmers and aerobic training. 
Swim Pole (optional) 
The swim pole assists you in staying afloat, helps keep you in a straight lane, adds resistance if required and aids you to become a more efficient and faster swimmer. If you're a novice or competitive swimmer the swim pole can help you to improve your swim. 
Exercise Band (optional) 
A variety of exercises can be performed for different muscle groups and fitness levels to help improve flexibility mobility and balance. 

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