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Product Description 

With a superior depth of 1.45m the VSS Pro 6.0 Duo feature four powerful turbo counter current jets for the ultimate swimming workout. 
For relaxation the spa end features a full length lounger plus 3 other jetted seats, all with an array of powerful hydrotherapy jets. The pool end has steps for access which also double up as cool down seats. The pool end and spa end have separate water temperature controls that can be adjusted to suit both exercise and relaxation. 
The high specification VSS Pro 6.0 Duo features the latest pump and heating technology for efficiency, reliability and economy. 
The VSS Pro 6.0 Duo has the fully-featured, luxury hot tub and exercise pool all combined in two volumes of water but with the addition of a variable speed drive. This 10 speed control allows the swimmer to select the best water speed for their fitness and stroke. 

VSS Pro 6.0 Duo


Product specification 

VSS Pro 6.0 Duo 
590 x 235 x 154 cm 
3 Seats, 1 Lounger  
1,384 Kg 
Water Capacity: 
9300 L 
(Swim)31 amp+(Spa)20 amp 
Massage & Swimming System: 
Control System (Spa Zone): 
Gecko IN.YE5+IN.K806 
Control System (Swim Zone): 
Gecko IN.YE3+IN.K806 
Hydrotherapy Jets: 
Air Massage Jets: 
Air Pump: 
400w Blower 
Swimming Jet: 
3"Turbo jets x 4 
Massage Pump: 
2 x 2hp 
Swim Zone Pumps: 
2 x 3.5hp + 1 x 3hp 
Inverter System: 
Swim Pole Base: 
Stainless Steel Handrail: 
Water Care System: 
Circulation Pump: 
Quiet circulation pump 
Sanitiser System: 
High-efficient mixed ozone sterilisation 
Filtration System (Spa Zone): 
Dual High-efficient blue filter 
Filtration System (Swim Zone): 
Single High-efficient filter x 2 
Insulation System: 
Thermo Lock System: 
Overall thermal lock insulation system 
Thermal Cover: 
Heat Pump Collection: 
Backlit Controls 
Perimeter LEDs 
2.5" Fountain 
Optional Extras: 
Full insulation 
Heat Pump 

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